Another Day, Another Dolor

Thursday, November 17, 2005

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Dr. Michael Andre is a poet, librettist, editor, film and art critic. He's a French Canadian New Yorker.


What thought Thoth
Egyptian god of medicine
Of spells & magic &knowledge?

What thinkest thou Thoth
Of Aleister Crowley
Of Yeats, Keats & the Beats

Of Gregory, Allen and William?
Jack whom living, alack,
I never saw

doggerel like Gregory.

Was a junkie drunk and thug
Like Crowley, Thoth; thugs

Like them lisp
As they think in numbers.
Their reputation underground

Until they securely join it, then
Allen famous howling and

For John on the toy piano
And Andy, all of them
Picturing the late twentieth century.

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